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Students for a Free Tibet

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Back To The Mountain (TIBETANS UNITE!)

I came upon a Buddha child,
Sey (s/he) was walking along the road,
And I asked ley (him/her), "Where are you going?
And this what sey told me.

Sey said, "I'm going on down to camping grounds,
I'm going to join in a Tibetan band,
I'm going campout on the land,
And try and get Tibet free."

Sey said, "We are star dust,"
Sey said, "We're golden."
And we've got to get ourselves

I asked ley, "Can I walk beside you?
I've come here to loose the smog,
I feel like I'm a cog in some wheel turning,
Round and Round and Round.

X-mas and Holidays Gifts from Students for a Free Tibet


If you are contemplating what to get your Ingee and non-Ingee friends for X-mas please visit this website first.  It will make your gift very very special and I gaurantee 100% recipient satisfaction.

Thank you.

Free Tibet.

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