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TibetTalk #10

How to get into the competitive U.S. schools? A chat with Tendor, alumnus of Brown University.


Participants: Thupten Nyima, Taydon, Wangyal

During the course of our discussion, we realized that this would be a great resource even more than we anticipated, for those Tibetans in the U.S., Canada, India and Nepal who are planning to apply for admission to competitive U.S. colleges. Our discussion included but was not limited to the following:

  • Tendor's approach to the application process
  • College application process including individual college application, the COMMON APPLICATION, Personal Statement and Recommendation letters
  • Tips for international students including institutional aid/grants, transfer credits and immigration matters
  • Financial Aid, scholarship and loans
  • How to write a winning Personal Statement essay
  • Application fee waivers

Please check back for more tips and contact information

thanks for ur discussion.

I am very pleased that you have started such a helpful discussion,as a guidance for the young interesting applicant students.I am sure it has helped to lot of Asian Tibetan students.they need counsellor like this one every year,so that their education aim would be accomplished.It will really help in shining the youthful instinct,which is rotting in India and Nepal.I would be very glad,if you make it clear the step for joining in Western university.First what should be done.Then next what.Then next etc etc.

TIPS FROM TENDOR RE: applying to the U.S. colleges


  • Rule #1: Apply, Apply, Apply; You have zero chances of getting into colleges you don't apply to.
  • Rule #2: No loan, no gain. Bhulon mena chukpo MIN! To pay for a competitive degree from a good school, it's necessary and worthwhile to take loans. If you screw up and drop out of college, you don't have to pay back the loans - just escape to Jhangthang.
  • Rule #3: A little cheating goes a long way; get experts and friends to help with your essay! It is the single-most important part of your application form.
  • Rule #4: Modesty gets you nowhere. Shameless self-promotion does.
  • Rule #5: Play the Tibet card. But remember to pay it back by serving the cause!
  • Rule #7: Be politely persistent: use telephone and email to contact the admissions office and inquire about the status of your application every once in a while, and tell them how much you'd like to attend their school.
  • Rule #8: Application fees can be waived. Just get a letter from your high school confirming that you're "dirt poor."