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TibetanBridges Newsletter #2


Upcoming Show
Saturday, January 13th 2007 (11 am - 12 noon EST)

Is there Karma? Is there God?: A Debate with Geshe Wangdue la If you would like to participate in the discussion, please enter the conference call through skype and dial host ID: WorldBridges on Saturday between 11 am to 12 pm EST. If you don't have skype and would like to participate, just email your phone number to and we will call you and you will be welcomed into the discussion. We look forward to having a frank and no-holds-barred discussion as usual.

Recent Shows

Saturday, December 16 (special time) 3pmPST / 6pmEST / 11pmGMT (global times)
This discussion was about HIV/AIDS in the Tibetan population in exile and in Tibet; the social stigma faced by those with HIV/AIDS; common misconceptions; causes and precautionary measures; the never to be underestimated condoms; facilities available at local hospitals (public and private) in Dharamsala and refugee settlements to get tested; advances in the quest for a cure as well as a vaccine for HIV/AIDS; and above all, the need for openness and community's acceptance (not ostracization) of those with HIV/AIDS.

Participants: Jampa Monlam, Tenzin, Wangyal, Jangchup, Taydon
Topic: A discussion about Tibetan gays with 2 Tibetan gays engaging in candid discussion with 2 other Tibetan guys and 1 Tibetan girl. We discussed about background/history of homosexuality among Tibetans, paradoxes as homosexuality relates to Buddhism, how they discovered their homosexuality, Tibetan society's acceptance/aversion toward homosexuality and HIV/AIDS in the Tibetan society.

Participants: Tenzing Rapgyal (US army), Sinon Chokey, Tashi Topgyal (Nepal), Tenzin Wangyal
Discussion: Recent self-immolation sacrifice by Lhakpa Tsering during the protests against Hu Jintao; and Q&A with Rapgyal regarding his experience as one of the handful of Tibetans in the US army.


About TibetTalk

Tibet Talk invites you to the weekly discussion on current Tibetan topics. This audio webcast is done under the aegis of World Bridges, founded and run by Jeff Lebow. The discussion is held every Saturday at 11 am EST /4pmGMT ( global times) Please check out the frank discussions on TibetTalk and even better, take part in the discussions. You can make a difference.

Having opinions without being opinionated and openness and frankness are the signatures of the discussion. This is hosted on skype and the participants can use skype to enter the conference call and use the Tibetanbridges Chat Room for text chat. Skype users, please make sure to use a headset when skyping in (otherwise audio quality will suffer). If you don't have skype and want to participate, just contact us in the text chat room and we can call you on the telephone. For the previous webcasts, please visit


Cheers tibetan Bridges. Am waiting this day since 1959

I'll just give my younger generation -A MORAL SUPPORT.
My suggestion:
1: Topic on Karma/whether the existance of God is the Crux of everything Tibetan. So Don't just let this Topic passed.....this is the Pandora Box where majority tibetans got fooled for thousands of years.....U be the judge & ask specific & technical qiestions supported by Modern Scientific Prove. Hope U guys will Plan ahead.