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This site and the Tibet Talk show are currently dormant.  Thanks to all those who have participated thusfar. Hopefully we can get the discussion going again before too long.  

Tibet Talk # 12

Every Tibetan as an Ambassador: How to talk (effectively) about Tibet to injis

and other non-Tibetans, including the Chines­e?

  • Guest: Dr. Lobsang Sangay la, Ph. D. from Harvard University, and recently

selected as one of the young leaders of Asia in the Asia 21 Young Leaders Forum

by the Asia Society, New York.

  • Participants: Taydon, Thupten Nyima, Tendor and Wangyal.

Immensely informative tête-à-tête with Dr. Lobsang Sangay la mainly on the above topic and covering a range of related sub-topics including but not limited to – tailoring explanations to non-Tibetan audience, the use of personal stories, the reiteration of the human rights “situation” in Tibet, the right approach to talking about Tibet to a Chinese person, and Dr. Lobsang Sangay la’s ingenious and effective 8 Ms (Marriage, Mongols, Manchu, Mismanagement, Maoism, Minority, Migration and Middle-path) to refute Chinese claims vis-à-vis Tibet. Check it out!!! AUDIO TO BE POSTED SHORTLY

TibetTalk #11


A discussion about the choice of careers for young Tibetans and its changing landscape in the era of globalization.

  • Guest: Thondup Tsering, Former Career Counselor at TCV, Dharamsala
  • Participants: Taydon, Thupten Nyima & Wangyal

During this discussion, we touched upon Thondup la's foray into the uncharted waters of career counseling in the Tibetan community and his experience as TCV's first career counselor, the trends in career choice by young Tibetans, the need to inculcate decision-making abilities and confidence early on, the recent trend of Tibetans taking nursing courses, the role parents and teachers should assume in facitating the students' decision-making re: career choice, and so on ...

    TibetTalk #10

    How to get into the competitive U.S. schools? A chat with Tendor, alumnus of Brown University.


    Participants: Thupten Nyima, Taydon, Wangyal

    Show me the Karma! TibetTalk #9

    Guest: Geshe Wangdue la
    Participants: Taydon, Chime, Dhondup, Wangyal (Intro)

    This Saturday's discussion was about the concept of karma and the notion of God as held by Tibetans and an indepth explanation from Geshe Wangdue la of Sera Je Monastery. Our participants certainly had all their questions amply answered. Please check this one out and come face to face with your innate Buddha nature, so to speak.

    circumcision cuts the risk of AIDS infection

    Male circumcision 'cuts' HIV risk Foreskin cells are thought to be more vulnerable to HIV infectionForeskin cells are thought to be more vulnerable to HIV infectionCircumcision can cut the rate of HIV infection in heterosexual men by 50%, results from two African trials show.The findings are so striking, the US National Institutes of Health decided it would be unethical to continue and stopped the trials early.It supports a previous South African study which reported similar results.Experts said it was a significant breakthrough but could not replace standard methods of preventing infection

    TibetanBridges Newsletter #2

    NEW YEAR!!!

    X-mas and Holidays Gifts from Students for a Free Tibet

    TibetTalk #8

    Guest: Dr. Sonam Topgyal la (aka Dr. ST la)
    Participants: Taydon, Rapgyal, Wangyal

    This Saturday's discussion was about HIV/AIDS in the Tibetan population in exile and in Tibet; the social stigma faced by those with HIV/AIDS; common misconceptions; causes and precautionary measures; the never to be underestimated condoms; facilities available at local hospitals (public and private) in Dharamsala and refugee settlements to get tested; advances in the quest for a cure as well as a vaccine for HIV/AIDS; and above all, the need for openness and community's acceptance (not ostracization) of those with HIV/AIDS.

    Tibet Talk#7 - Homosexuality in the Tibetan Community

    Tibet Talk#7

    December 9, 2006

    Download mp3


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